Custom Jewelry in Chicago

Visit any of our four Chicagoland locations, and you’ll find showcases filled with glorious pieces of wearable art—gold and diamonds and colored gems in every color of the rainbow.


Whether you wish to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece or want to modify your heirloom jewelry, our master jewelers will work with you to bring your inspiration to life. By combining the latest design technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship, we ensure your custom piece is a treasure for a lifetime.


Stopping into one of our four showrooms is the first step in a process that culminates in your very own piece of personalized artwork. When you come into Razny Jewelers, we’ll pair you with one of our design experts, with whom you can explain your vision in detail. Our expert will sketch out a draft of your piece, helping you to focus on the details that mean the most.


This digital rendering is created in three dimensions, allowing you to analyze it from all directions. Once you’re happy with the result in CAD, we’ll get final approval from you and provide an estimate for the costs of labor and materials, as well as a rough time frame for your project.


Using the template you’ve designed, our master artisans will cast your jewelry in the metal of your choice, sourcing exquisite diamonds or colored gems. Finally, our team will clean, buff, and polish the piece, presenting it to you for you to enjoy forever! And of course, don’t forget that you can come in at any time to have your new treasure cleaned and inspected to ensure it stays as dazzling as the day it was made.


The story of Razny Jewelers goes back to 1951 when Stanley Razny and his wife Jane opened Razny Jewelers. In the decades since, the Razny name has been associated with superior jewelry and services that give our customers peace-of-mind. Our passion for the art of jewelry and customer satisfaction is evident in our custom design process. No matter your vision, we’re always excited to see how we can help you!